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If you need to export your mail check out Stellar's Converter.
PocoMail 4.8 and Barca 2.8 Released - Download Now!
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poco systems inc | Saturday, 11 July 2020
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Download PocoMail PE

Download the latest version of PocoMail PE (version 3.4 build 2130, released 22 March 2005, list of changes):

Execute the downloaded file to start the installation; install directly to your removable drive.

Run PocoMail PE directly from your removable drive. To unlock the evaluation version into a fully licensed version (no additional downloading required) just go to Help > Unlock Evaluation menu. To purchase a license please visit our store.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98, ME, NT 4, 2000 or XP
  • 12 Mb of free hard drive space during install,
    8 Mb afterwards
  • TCP/IP (Internet) network connectivity
  • Access to POP, APOP or IMAP server to retrieve email and SMTP server to send email
  • Removable media for portable use

Upgrading Information

  • Upgrading from PocoMail PE 2.6x

Even though this is a major update to PocoMail PE, it is free for all past PocoMail PE licensed users. Your license code will continue to work in PocoMail PE 3. The new version introduces many new features and changes to some of the file formats used previously by PocoMail PE. We strongly encourage you to backup your previous PocoMail PE installation before installing PocoMail PE 3. That said, PocoMail PE 3 can be installed directly over older versions, though we recommend a clean install and import of your old information into the new install.

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