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poco systems inc | Sunday, 09 August 2020
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Barca Pro Beta released

Barca Pro is an extended version of Barca aimed primarily at small businesses and organizations that need to share their calendars, and keep track of resources within the organization. It is now available for beta testing in Barca Beta forum.

About Barca Pro

Barca Pro allows you to create extra calendars in addition to the main (default) calendar. These calendars can be published to the network folder so that anyone else on the network can read them. To access a calendar someone else has published you would need to subscribe to it. Only you have write permissions for calendars you publish, while you can only read calendars you subscribe to. This simple setup will enable you to maintain a calendar for another person, a piece of equipment, room booking, or any other resource that others in your organization need access to. They will be able to view published calendars with another copy of Barca Pro after subscribing to it, or if they don't have Barca Pro via unique Poco Systems DayView application - Barca Pro can automatically deploy DayView to published calendar directories so that other users in your organization who don't have Barca Pro only need to use DayView to instantly view the published calendar, no further setup or installation is required.

A published calendar can only be edited by the owner of that calendar - the person that originally published it. That same calendar can be viewed by anybody who has been granted network access to the published calendar file. When the owner edits their published calendar the changes are reflected in calendar views of all subscribers. In addition, there are two ways you can publish any calendar for non Barca Pro users: you can elect to deploy DayView viewer that anyone can use to view the published calendar, and you can enable iCalendar support so that all published calendars are also saved in ICS format; this format can be read by many third-party applications.

Finally, you can choose to publish your main calendar without creating additional calendars; this would let other people on your network access both your Calendar and your Tasks in read-only mode, as long as they have network access to the published file. All of the calendar sharing options also apply to the main calendar when published, including support for DayView application and iCalendar format support.

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