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poco systems inc | Sunday, 05 July 2020
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Why EmailVoyager?
EmailVoyager provides a cost-effective, yet safe solution to problems faced by mobile professionals and organizations in accessing email from off-site locations. The following are some advantages of EmailVoyager.

Improved Security

Wireless and web-browser based (Webmail) access to email represents a significant security risk. For wireless access, login information can be easily copied using a wireless card connected to the laptop by a nearby intruder running special software. Also, many public machines - located in internet caf├ęs, libraries, etc - have key-sniffing software that runs in the background which copies every letter typed on the computer without the knowledge of the user and relays it to the intruder (see this Security Focus article). This is a common method used by hackers to steal login information before invading a corporate intranet. A survey conducted by Computer Security Institute of San Francisco and the FBI in 2000 found that 85% of 538 respondents report one or more computer security breaches arising from intruder access. With Poco EmailVoyager login information is encrypted and stored on the device, thus eliminating the risk of theft by hackers. In addition, Poco EmailVoyager allows files to be stored and manipulated on the device, hence eliminating the need to put confidential files on public computers.


Unwanted advertisements arising from the use of a browser to access email represents a big nuisance to online users. A typical user accessing email through a browser receives 2 or more pop-up advertisements per login. With EmailVoyager there are no annoying ads, and the interface and templates are user-friendly. Additionally, the junk mail filters built into EmailVoyager will substantially cut down on the amount of junk mail received, and can even identify junk mail on the server, so that it can be easily deleted to save without a need for download. Finally, pure power and speed of EmailVoyager allows you to get your emailing done quicker and be on your way sooner.

Reduction In CapEx

With EmailVoyager, there is no need for a dedicated computer for each employee. Many mobile employees use laptops simply for dialing in to the office to access email. For such an application, carrying a laptop during travel represents a significant discomfort and a large investment. The average lifetime cost of desktops and laptops are respectively, $2400 and $6000. On the other hand, the retail price of Poco EmailVoyager will range from $50 to $160, depending on the memory size. This is cheaper than the cost of a 2-year warranty on laptops.

About Poco EmailVoyager

Poco EmailVoyager will allow you to take your email anywhere with you, but more importantly, it will keep it safe. All of your email is stored on the device itself, so no traces of it are left on the computer when you are finished. It's quick as no install and uninstall is necessary. And it's more powerful than webmail while at the same time giving you more protection - if you have to login to your webmail account your password may be captured by the computer browser or potentially key-logging software that silently monitors keyboard input. Poco EmailVoyager stores your encrypted password (optional) on the removable media, so you will never have to enter it on a potentially unfriendly computer, for example in a cybercafe.

The Financial Times had the following to say about PocoMail PE, the technology behind Poco EmailVoyager: "PocoMail PE is faster, more convenient and much more secure than any of the alternatives for managing e-mail while on the move (...) For business travellers who do not need or want to carry a notebook computer but still require secure e-mail access, the combination of PocoMail PE and a USB mini-drive or other portable storage device is worth serious consideration."

PC Magazine also writes that PocoMail PE is "...faster, more secure, and more convenient than anything else for reading, sending, and saving mail when you're away from home. Unlike Web-based services like Hotmail, PocoMail lets you take your mail with you, will usually run faster, and has no storage limits of its own."

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