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PocoMail 4.8 and Barca 2.8 Released - Download Now!
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poco systems inc | Sunday, 09 August 2020
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New in PocoMail 4.8

The new version focuses on refining and improving every aspect of PocoMail, from ease of use to daily performance and stability. Major changes include:

Overall Application

  • Updated UI, visual tweaks and improvements
  • Changes to the Resource usage: Windows Resource consumption reduced
  • New and revised mailbox file handling code; most noticeable are improvements in speed of mailbox access, especially when running over networks

New Features

  • The ability to drag and drop attached files from Attachments pane or from within the message, for both encoded and extracted attachments
  • Drag and drop support added to Compose Window attachments pane
  • Right-click context menu added to listed attachments within the message body
  • Display of attachment size even if encoded inside the message
  • Delete button in Compose window to discard the message
  • New Save Message options under File menu

New Editing of Stored Messages

  • New feature that allows editing stored messages, under Edit Stored Message menu in Message menu or index context menu (Edit Subject menus have been moved under this menu as well)
  • Lets you edit messages previously received to trim out excess text, remove large embedded attachments or edit anything else in the message
  • It also has advanced Raw View mode that provides direct access to the message in all its ASCII glory, from manually editing headers to modifying embedded MIME type declarations
  • Added shortcut for Edit Stored Message Shift+Ctrl+E

Accounts Setup

  • The ability to Copy Outgoing SMTP details from any account and quickly Paste them onto any other account for rapid changes of outgoing server
  • New option on Incoming tab of Edit Account window: now you can opt out accounts from being processed through Junk Mail filters, for trusted accounts that get no spam

Quick Search

  • New and more user friendly field for text entry
  • Automatically shows other Focus options below
  • Some old Focus fields have been eliminated
  • New fields added that should get more use
  • Completely revised rules for Quick search (Focus): they are now exclusive, so enabling "Unread" and "With Attachments" options will now show only messages that are both unread and have attachments, not either like before; this applies to every display option
  • Ctrl+L will now also put the cursor in the text field (similar to browsers), ESC will clear the field


  • Search This Folder added to the right click menu of the Folders sidebar
  • Search will no longer open Search mailbox if nothing was found
  • Search history is now going to be saved
  • New Clear History link added to the Search window

Changes in terminology

  • the Bounce feature has been renamed to Redirect and Focus to Quick Search.

New in Pocomail 4.5

Performance and Stability

  • Application speed optimization and profiling; many aspects of the program are improved, including the application performance, memory use and stability
  • Improved the speed of application starting and closing
  • Several Vista-related changes to the code; new Vista migration tool added to Options, Directories, for users affected by new Vista user restrictions
  • Added asynchronous URL and application launching through threads; this should ensure that UI doesn't stall when launching attachments, external links or apps
  • Fixed a resource leak that would slowly drain the application resources over time


  • Tweaks to UI appearance, new Vista-inspired default theme
  • Tweaks to the look of double-line folder index display
  • Tweaked behaviour of auto-complete in Compose window, as well as behaviour of Pop-down Address Picker
  • Fixed a glitch when adding email addresses from the drop down box in Compose window where a blank line would sometimes be added
  • Added editable box to the Preview Pane header bar so that the subject line can be copied when clicked on
  • Fixed several drop-down menus not showing correctly in Vista
  • Added feature View Message in Browser; when a rendering error is detected a small drop-down panel is shown to allow user to open the message in the default browser; this feature is also accessible via preview pane popup menu and under Message menu
  • Fixed problem remembering the message position and selected state inside a folder when returning to a folder
  • Added new option to Settings: when Query to Delete Attachments is disabled you can now choose whether the attachments will always be deleted or not
  • Added "Edit..." link to Contacts Info window, shown in Contacts pane as well as when using Focus Command /contact [name]
  • Improved Email Support facility
  • Added new CHM help files


  • Several changes to character encoding and display
  • Improved efficiency and speed of email checking process
  • Fixed message downloading to better avoid duplicate downloads and to more accurately remove outdated messages from the server
  • Improved large image preview, images are automatically resized to fit the preview pane
  • Fixed problem with online account folders not purging and growing in size over time
  • Fixed bug that sometimes added duplicate address in the Compose window
  • Tweaks and improvements to the Folder Index display
  • Fixed encoding problem that sometimes didn't show Subject line correctly in Preview bane title bar
  • Fixed formatting problems when starting or replying to a message and using custom fonts
  • Fixed edited Draft messages getting an extra blank line with each edit
  • Improvements done to IMAP, changes to the online folder handling and increases to capacity (6 online folders at the time); fixed IMAP sorting issues
  • Fixed View Raw Message to better handle variety of messages
  • Fixed searching for certain types of Contacts
  • Fixed Online Folders and errors when Checking Mail
  • Fixed Vertical Index layout to properly show attachment pane in all cases
  • Fixed preview of certain inline GIF images
  • Tweaks to multiple recipient handling in Compose Window for better view of recipients
  • Fixed several text quoting issues
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